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Empire Diamond Corporation - Cut

A diamond in its natural state looks quite different from the finished product. Once unearthed, diamonds must be pristinely cut and polished in order to reveal its optimum brilliance.

The cut of a diamond will largely affect its overall brilliance. A diamond cut too shallow will make the stone appear larger, but it will dull its brilliance because light will escape from the sides instead of reflecting throughout. A diamond cut too shallow will allow light to escape from the bottom and result in a dull and muted appearance.

The cut of a diamond is entirely dependent on the skill of the cutter. Diamond cutting requires extensive training and expertise. The process is extremely detailed. The cutter must polish tiny surfaces known as facets onto the rough diamond. This is what creates the many faces of a diamond and gives it its anatomy. Even if a diamond is flawless in all other areas, a poor cut can mute and dull its appearance.

Knowing how to recognize an ideally cut diamond is imperative in your search for the perfect stone.