GIA Grading System

The GIA Gem Trade Laboratory is the hallmark of reliability, integrity and consistency in diamond grading, identification and research. Its reports have become internationally recognized for setting the standard of grading excellence.

Throughout the last sixty years, significant developments have occurred in the treatment, evaluation and marketing of diamonds and other gem materials. Since its founding in 1939 GIA Gem Trade Laboratory has been committed to serving professional jewelers so that they may stay abreast of these developments.

The overwhelming majority of grading reports worldwide on fine diamonds are issued by the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory. Headquartered in New York, the lab has another location in Carlsbad, California and two affiliate laboratories -- Tokyo and London.

The GIA Gem Trade Laboratory maintains its independence because it is not connected with trade, sales or manufacturing organizations and does not buy, sell or appraise. Its only affiliation is as a subsidiary of the Gemological Institute of America, the world's largest foremost non profit educational organization for the gem and jewelry industry.

Commitment to Excellence

The GIA Gem Trade Laboratory makes no compromises on excellence. All procedures are designed to ensure optimum consistency and accuracy. Recordkeeping and routing techniques are meticulous in order to assure that each stone is given top security and care in handling. Each stone is screened and authenticated, with full coverage for client protection. The facilities are specially designed for client efficiency, with the most sophisticated equipment and computers available. But most important in the equation of excellence is the training, experience and care of the laboratory's graders. Each stone is carefully checked by numerous graders in order to assure maximum consistency.