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Diamond Engagement Rings – finding the right one

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a challenge. It is always best to take someone with you that is somehow knowledgeable about the subject. Also the other person might help you to examine the jewelry better. When entering the jewelry shop, the sales person is perhaps the most knowledgeable and available person who can provide you with relevant information about diamond rings.

Be ready to provide information on the specific size, shape, clarity and even on the price that you would like to spend on your diamond ring. It is better to stick with what you have decided. There are a lot of options for you to choose; most often the available shapes include Radiant, Round, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Princess, Emerald and Heart shapes. Probably the best shape for the money would be a round-cut as well as it is considered the most traditional, simple and chic cut.

There are some symbolisms which can be found within your diamond ring’s choice. The types of cuts and shapes can possibly tell you a little about the personality of the buyer. In a study made by a diamond appraiser, buyers who chose a round shaped diamond ring tended to be more family-focused, dependable and passive. Those who chose an oval-shaped diamond ring tended to be more individualistic, creative, organized, and more prone to risk. For heart shaped diamond rings, the buyer is usually more sentimental, feminine, and trusting. Pear shaped diamond rings showed the person to be more conforming, adaptable and considerate. And as for a Marquise shaped diamond ring, the buyer is likely to be more assertive, career related, and ground-breaking. Finally for buyers interested in the square diamond ring shapes, they tend to be more honest, efficient, conservative and disciplined. Of course symbolisms are just a guideline for one to purchase their diamond ring without any doubts. Showing the different cuts and shapes to your bride or groom in order to fit their taste should be one of your priorities before purchasing a diamond ring.