Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Although the modern diamonds such as Round Brilliant diamond rings and Princess diamond rings are definitely more popular among the general public, the classic Emerald Cut Diamond Rings are preferred by more than a few. The emerald cut diamond is considered a first choice for people who want to reflect understated elegance, perfect for someone who is looking for a well-refined, non-pretentious look. This year, celebrities such as Melanie “Trump” Knauss and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted on the red carpet sporting emerald cut diamond rings.

Emeralds have an incredibly rich history that differentiates them from other cuts. The word “emerald” comes from the ancient Greek word for “green”. The legend tells that in ancient Greece, emerald diamonds rings were used for restoring poor vision, as well as temporary relief of stress. Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt between 69-30 B.C., was a huge admirer of Emerald.

Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular with oblong facets on each side and across the corners. Emeralds tend to be beautiful stones; with stepped facets the sheen tends to be large flashes of these stepped angles on the pavilion of the stone. When we mention stepped facets, try to imagine the steps of stairs. Other names used for Emerald Cut are Octagon Cut, Step Cut, and Trap Cut. Since the octagonal shape is a the preferred shape for emeralds, other stones which were cut similarly are also considered to be Emerald shaped. One of these cuts is the Asscher diamond ring, which has a square shape, and tends to be less brighter and less dramatic in color than Emerald cuts, but since some people belive that less is more, an Asscher diamond ring will be probably their natural choice.