Oval Diamond Rings

The oval is an adaptation of the Round Brilliant and it is usually seems to look larger than a round stone of the same carat weight. Oval diamond rings has an elliptical shape when viewed from above. Diamonds enthusiasts tend to be appealed by Oval-shaped diamond rings, attracted to its unique and sophisticated shape.

Oval Diamond’s history can be tracked back to near the beginning of 1960's, when it was invented by Lazare Kaplan. The Oval brilliant usually displays 56 facets and an ideal oval diamond should have depth of the cut in lower 60s, and the ratio of the length to the width should be about 1.5:1. This is a very vital information for potential buyer, since oval diamond rings often suffer from “bow tie effect” (an unwanted dark area), so trust your eye and request information from Diamond A Dial specialists before buying a well cut stone that is as bright as a Round diamond. Fortunately, bow tie effect is less frequent problem for Oval diamond rings, as it is for pear and marquise shaped diamond rings. Another positive characteristic of Oval rings, is that an oval shaped outline tends to look more presentable than a circular one as a center stone for the three-stone diamond ring.