Cuts and Shapes

Diamonds used in diamond rings are cut in many individual shapes. The general public tends to confuse the shape of a diamond with a diamond’s cut, hence it is important to understand the distinction in terminology.

Whereas shape refers to the fundamental appearance of the diamond (Round, Emerald, Oval and others), a cut, on the other hand, refers to the diamond’s proportions, the diamond’s symmetry, angles, and finish. Cut is the only feature out of the 4C’s (color, cut, clarity and carat weight) that is completely manmade, while the other three are controlled by nature alone. A well-cut diamond by a master-cutter brings out the stone’s true radiance and reveals that fiery sparkle which makes diamonds such a hot commodity and a sign of prestige around the world and throughout history.

When it comes to shape, what it comes down to is a matter of personal taste and preference. The various shapes of diamond rings can become your own personal statement to the world about yourself, so in a way, shape can reveal your style and even your individuality.

Read about the assortment of shapes and acquire knowledge about how one shape or cut is different from another. You will later use that information to your advantage by picking the diamond ring that is just right for you or your loved one. Remember the famous saying that diamonds are indeed forever, so pick wisely.

The most popular diamond ring shapes are sold here at Dial A Diamond, but many new and interesting shapes are being in the process of development.